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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007
4:24 pm
Promoting Analyzer
Apparently I am a promoting analyzer, which means my personality style falls into the Analizer category with a sub category of Promoter.  I disagree.  I majorly disagreed when I was placed in these categories during the workshop I attended last weekend.  But now that I've 'tried it on' I think I agree and from now on when I feel incapable of completion I can say "Hey, I'm a promoter.  We don't finish things!" 
Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
3:10 pm
Busy Busy Bunny
I have been busy, busy.  Moving dirt, building garden boxes out of the 20 year old lumber piles, and the usual yard clean up.  Ptolemy has also been busy, busy eating grass, dandilions, clover, apple branches, and who knows what else.  He spent most of last Saturday very busy and wanting his nose rubbed everytime I walked by.

This is how he spent most of Sunday:
Thursday, March 29th, 2007
5:52 pm
Rambling (o.k. fine I'm Ranting)
I should post more but as a business owner and employer I wonder about posting those thoughts that are formost on my mind.

Should I ramble on about depreciation schedules, loss logs, taxes, new cleaning procedures, and how I recently found a book that I bought about a year ago, under a pile of crap on my desk, titled Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity that I still haven't read?

Should I really post to the world wide web how pissed I am at one of my employees?

Can I rant about Karl putting off my Price sign after not getting around to it for 3 years!! (I know you're busy, that doesn't mean I can't rant about not having one)

Or that I never watch good movies, at least not as often as I used too. I still love movies. I just spent like 3 hours on a spotlight of Su Friedrich and her newly released 5 disc set for our email update. I really should watch some of her stuff. She sounds like an amazing woman and as the owner of a art-house film store --something I should experience. But, odds are I won't.

Man that email update takes a long time. I spent over an hour researching and compiling 2 sentence descriptions for the new Docurama Film Festival III collection. Then I decided that was to much text and I deleted them all! It's tricky finding that balance between wanting to tell everybody just how cool something is and keeping the update digestable.

I spent 4 days on the update, mixed with covering counter shifts , reading applications, and interviewing, not to mention all my normal stuff. I should have started it Friday but I was slightly distrot by recent events (again, Karl's post) and covering lots of counter shifts. It really sucks when you sacrifice for somebody (cover shifts for them while they are on a 4 wk vacation), put your trust in them (Whew, they are finally back and can pick up the sack, like promised - I can finally focus on the books and prepare the taxes) and then they let you down (Run away to Mexico leaving a note on the counter). I should become more cynical like Karl.

Now, what should I do for my Birthday next week?

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
1:38 pm
Most Annoying wesite ever (today)
So, I was googling trying to find an official Jan Svankmajer site to link his name to in our email update. I found this site, www.jansvankmajer.com. I decided to go with something else. In foxfire the text flashes! Flashing text, how aggravating is that? In Safari it doesn't. What's the deal?? Does the host hate foxfire and this is his evil trick to annoy us?
12:20 pm
I made AB's waffles this morning. Yum.

We have his cookbook, I'm Just Here For More Food (the baking edition) which uses 2 cups of all-purpose flour but yesterday the waffle episode was on and he used 1 cup all-pupose and 1 cup wheat flour. So I made the the one from tv. Yum! Must buy more wheat flour.

An interesting note on AB's waffles. He does not whip the egg whites, yet they are still light, fluffy, super yummy, and easy. What more could you want.
Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
3:34 pm
dig, dig, dig
More digging in the garden today, cutting blackberries, and making piles for the chipper. Should I make room for potatoes or green beans? I wish I could make room for sugar peas by Thursday, pea planting day, alas I am not superwoman.
Monday, February 19th, 2007
4:43 pm
I forgot to mention I am looking for some other varieties of Echinacea, mainly the yellow and ornage (sunrise), if anyone wants to trade some seed. The South African Pearl Dasies are really great. They have a very very pale lavender petal with a purple middle surounded by yellow. You can see a picture at www.seedsofchange.com
4:26 pm
I planted garlic today. Yay!

I have been cutting lots of blackberries and made just enough room in the side garden (the raised strip of brush directly across the driveway form the front door) to plant some garlic rescued from the old house. It has been sitting in clumps in a container since we moved in September. It just goes to show how burly garlic is. It sat in tight clumps with roots exposed through our 2 snow storms, several wind storms, and insane amounts of rain. Now one clumps' cloves are gently nestled and carefully spaced in beautiful dirt, and generously mulched. Three more clumps to go!

I also planted some starts.
Echinacea (purple)
Shasta Daisy
South African Pearl Daisy (i have lots of extra seeds from last years flowers if anyone needs some)
Black Eyed Sue
Antirrhinum (Snap Dragon)

Garden Chives
Garlic Chives

I am trying not to start some tomatoes because I don't know where I will put them. I think I will only have the side garden this year. But maybe I can work something out.
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
2:51 pm
A pathway at last!
Last weekend I managed to clear a pathway through the shop room. Here are before and afters.



Since then I have cleared more and you can actually see part of the wall on the left! Now, how to clear away the racoon and stir up the least amount of racoon dust!
Friday, July 15th, 2005
8:09 pm
Here is a beautiful, yet rather icky spider. It was on a box I removed from my Dad's shoproom. Karl says he looks like a mutated jellybelly. yum.

jellybelly spider
Friday, July 8th, 2005
2:42 pm
Garbage Garbage Everywhere...and no place to sit
Yummy! Gumbo and corn muffins with honey butter. One day I will have to learn how to make a yummy corn muffin. Anyone knoe what kind of peppers they put in? These ones have green and red bits of yumminess.

The final count on the coin collection, minus canadian, is $290.14 plus what I spent on parking over the last week. My initial guess was around $400, so I'm wrong. The coin collection, for those of you in the dark, consists of quarters and other misc coins my Dad had been sorting out and saving in old cigerette boxes. He is not allowed to have money at The Courtyard so I cashed it in hoping to get enough to cover the cat 'deposit' which is non-refundable so why not just call it a fee? Alas, $200 short.

So last Friday I, along with my Dad's doctor, took him to The Courtyard, a dementia care facility. Although to be honest it was more like my Dad's doctor took him and I meekly followed along. It wasn't as bad as I had been expecting. None of my nightmares of Dad screaming and running after me came true. I bisically hung out in the hallway while the doctor spoke with Dad in his room, then walked as quickly as possible out with the doctor hoping that we would not be pursued. Then I spent the afternoon finding Dad's personal items in the house, labeling everything, and dropped it off later that day.

Since then most of my free time has been cleaning the house. So much trash. OCD, Alziehmers, and depression-era childhood are not a good combination. The house is just gross. And I have to move in in less than 3 months. AAAHHHHH!

On a more positive note:

my Dad took a shower a few days ago! WHoo-hoo. And they managed to get his pants washed.

Our 25yd dumpster came yesterday morning, so time to start hauling out trash.

I found awesome (slightly dusty and cowwebby...ok more than slightly) art brushes, caligraphy stuff, paints, and some cool old photos of my Dad in the navy.

My sister is showing up tonight and we will be cleaning most of the weekend, feel free to show up! It'll be a party!

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, March 31st, 2005
10:07 am
I have given up all hope of feeling healthy again!

Anyway, I awoke about 1 am with a full bladder and a need to blow my nose. Upon entering the bathroom I heard the startled scurry of little feet racing under the bathtub. OOPS! forgot to close bunny cage again. Once he's under the tub the only thing to do is wait him out. I was unsuccessful with apple slices and encouragements of nose rubs. Half asleep I had to wander around until his curiosity was peaked enough to run out of the bathroom -right under the coffee table. But eventually Ptolemy allowed me to pick him up and put him away, then proceeded to give me a very unpleasent glare. I beleive he feels that while we are asleep is the best time for him to run around the house.

Today is Chuck's MRI. Hopefully he does not have the moyamoya disease that was in this weeks science section of the NY Times. In case you haven't heard Chuck has been having a painful migraine like headache since Saturday, actually he started feeling crappy on Thursday night, however Saturday was when he was suddenly, and momentarily, blinded followed by throbbing pain behind his left eye. He also lost his ability to focus that eye. Actually if he concentrated really really hard he could focus, but otherwise it was like he was not wearing his glasses. The headache and blurry vision contiued, so on Monday we got in to see his eye doctor who said it was just a migraine and he should see his regular doctor. We got in to see his doctor Tuesday who told him that he could be having a migraine, however if he takes a migraine medication and it's not a migraine Chuck could have a stroke. He also said that Chuck has several warning flags, such as lack of family history, and that the best thing is an MRI followed by an MRA. So we will be going in today for the MRI and see what that says. Hopefully we can skip the MRA if the MRI looks good.

I have been having a migraine myself. Mine started Wednesday, I think. Mine has family history and is probably due to hormones. However, I have not had one like this since High School. It's mostly subsided but it is hanging out behind my eye causing pain if I try to look to the side without turning my head. I can't figure out the sinus thing yet. I want to say allergies, but it's a bit different. I just want to stop breathing through my mouth at night. I feel so dry. About 5 am I figured out that I clear up when I get up. And I was clear falling asleep on the futon. So I grabbed extra pillows and built up my side of the bed like the pillow piled side of the futon. Which allowed me to breath out of my nose, but now my neck is a bit out of wack. Maybe I can figure it out tonight.

The good news: I spent a little time outside yesterday. Captain Bunny got his ear flushed out and his fur groomed. I was just realizing last night that he has not had an ear infection since August which is almost 9 months, I beleive this is the longest period of time he has been infection free since his first one. Ptolemy took care of all the dandelions in his outdoor enclosure, and a few extras that I threw in. The ground is still too wet to work, after our little spell of rain, so no outdoor gardening. I do have several things sprouting inside. All the brussel sprouts germinated (bunny food, not people food) and most of my greens have come up. I also have tomatoes, flowers, and herbs. The peppers have not germinated yet I will have to check and make sure they did not get too wet or cold. I may have to plant them again. And when Karl brings the camera back I can pst cute little sprout pictures! And I must include a picture of the rhubarb -the one in the back is flowering this year.
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
10:54 pm
Feeling better!
Well I think I beat the bug. No more sour tummy, no more fever, no more lack of appetite, no more up all night coughing. YAY!

I'm now back at work getting stuff done. Reconciling credit card statements, sorting out missing invoices, and trying to get 2004 closed so I can move onto the even more exciting depreciation tables, asset schedules, and 1040 spreadsheets! YAY! Now, if I can just avoid any more family crisis situations until after April 30th I may just get caught up on the bookkeeping for this year as well as last with no late penalties. I have also been working on our 'Employee Passport' as I like to call it. It's a training guide idea that was mentioned at a round table meeting. It's basically a little check-off book with each category of training separated. You can use it as a training guide, so you don't forget stuff, and as a way to remember who knows what as well as be able to "check-off" a training item once the employee has mastered it.

Yes my journal is going to be a lot of boring work venting interspersed with amusing, yet sad, stories about my Dad. Like this one:

Dads' new hobby is to befriend the drugged and dying rats as they crawl out from the walls and feed them and carry them around showing people. Sunday he brought one over to the neighbors to show the grandkids. He was trying to get the little kids to pet it. A dying feral rat! ICKY! And I just don’t know what to do about that. You can't explain to him that it's not acceptable to carry around feral poisoned rats. Next thing I know he will be carting one off to Albertsons to show the check out girl. AHHHH! Apparently when his visiting nurse was over Wednesday he made her vomit somehow. Of course the first thing I think of is that he had a dead decaying rodent that he is saving somewhere and decided to show it to her. But I really have no idea what happened. I must go over next Wednesday to be there when the pest guy shows up so I can ask her about it then. Maybe she will quit. I'm not sure how I feel about her; she may not be the right person for this job. I gave the agency a list of what we want her doing and so far I don't believe she is doing anything on the list. I will have to give her a list in person then see what happens. So not only do we have a rat infestation over at Dads, but I also killed a carpenter ant last time I was there (before Jeff’s incident). So I need to make sure the pest guy remembers to check for the ants. I guess when I spotted the ant it was too early in the year to have one just run in from outside, which means there is a nest somewhere in the woodwork of the house. I am beginning to think we opened a can of worms by getting a good look at all the house problems because now they just won't stop and of course I am the one who has to deal with them all.

On a brighter note I managed to clean and sanitize my seedling pots last week during our faux-summer. I have planted tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and flowers. I eagerly run into the backroom several times everyday (for the past 2 days) to make sure they are absorbing appropriate amounts of water and to see if they have sprouted yet. Of course now that I've finally planted the sun isn't coming out and shining on them. But my Dahlias have shot up some leaves and it may be time to get them outside again. I want to put them in a small raised mound in the front so I am debating ordering a load of topsoil so I can landscape the entire front yard and add a little dirt to the back. I wonder how many 30 cubic feet of dirt costs? Maybe we can landscape the front bit between the sidewalk and the road. Is there a special name for that bit of land? There should be, just for clarification.

Recent watches:
Way Down Town: This is a weird little British film about a group of office workers who have entered a bet to see who can stay inside the longest. They all live in apartments (or should I say flats) that are connected to shopping and the business district where they work by sky tunnels so there is no real need to go outside. I enjoyed it but it was less funny than I anticipated, I was hoping for a British office space and got something a bit more like Clockwatchers. It was worth watching and had some intriguing moments as well as moments where I would furl one brow in slight confusion (watch the blonde chicks' sweater in the last half).

Robots: Can Hollywood please make a cute light-hearted film and manage to work in a well thought-out storyline, PLEASE! I need more Pixar. I guess I wasn't expecting much but I was still distracted from enjoyment by several scenes that did not seam believable within the reality of the movie. I don't want to give much away but if you are going to make elaborate far-fetched modes of travel they should still fit within the context of the world you have created, and make sense. Anyway it was still good for a few laughs and the robots are rather cute. I like Piper!

Has anybody else seen In My Skin? I would like to hear some thoughts on it from someone actually interested in the movie. Or just from someone who could watch it all. I really liked it. I thought it was a fabulous study of obsession, almost beautiful (if you don't have a weak stomach or faint at the mention of blood).
Friday, March 4th, 2005
10:50 am
Brother Update
My brother has polycystic kidney disease. He has been responding well to dialysis and should be release by the end of the weekend. He's quite bummed out to learn that he is technically considered disabled and is still a little in shock. The good news is that he will get to tap into some of that social security he's been paying into before it all runs out.

I finally slept in and am feeling better. Now I must find time to get into work and pay my employees -they like it when I pay them. I am a bit more stressed about getting my books closed now that it is March. What a crazy year this has been so far. If we had the money I would hire a bookkeeper and say here's my mess fix it! Oh well.

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
3:16 am
Well I guess I am beginning with a doozie. I just took my brother into the ER for dehydration from being sick and vomiting for over a week. Turns out his kidneys are in failure. He has a genetic defect from his birth mother causing cysts on the kidneys and liver and eventual kidney failure. It is now 3am and I need to be back by 8am so as not to miss the specialist.

What a scary thing. I kinda want to break down and cry. I kinds want to ignore how serious it is so I can go to bed and sleep till 7:30. Maybe I am just holding out to hear some sort of confirmation of how bad it is from the specealist. I'll just hold it all in till then.

On a side note I am exhausted and was looking forward to a day off Wednesday. A total all-Emily day off. I don't have a RT meeting or have to go to my Dad's. I was going to lay around, watch movies, and do a little closet re-organization, and possibly something creative like a sewing project or some watercolors. Oh well. Just when I think I've got the Dad situation under control.

Well time to put Ptolemy back home and get myself to bed.

Current Mood: distressed
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